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This week, Budiak goes over a short history of Ebola and how to survive an outbreak. 100% super serious, too. No joke! 

Then he answers some more questions from Jered and talks a bit about some new games. 

After rounding out the show with a few quick reviews, it sputters to a pathetic halt. 


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This week,  Budiak takes a semi bye week and answers a few emails. Isnt that great? When he's completely out of content, he pretty much just reads his junk on the air. 

Topics include new T shirt designs, Saturday morning cartoon memories, pig products, beer, Minecraft and somesuch. 


Also, on a side note, the show is almost completely out of upload space, so the file is an MP3 this week- so there is a slightly lower quality. Please excuse my insolence. 


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This week, Budiak forges a new path into the unknown (to him). Contemplating the potential power of video, he talks for ten minutes about things he just doesn't understand.


For all of the new listeners- a new listener's guide to the Dynamitegun Dot Com Dot Cast. Budiak also talks about beer, 7 Days to Die, his waning interest in sandbox games, and some new games he's playing.  


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This week LG and Budiak try to make magic and mostly fall flat. It's ok- it picks up about 1/3 the way through. Who are you to judge? You think you can fake the funk for three hours a week? Go start your own show. 

We talk about hobo strategies, beer, a little bit of video games, a little bit of Disneyland, our worst fears, and end up with a discussion on fancy wines (or something). 

Finally, we review caviar, which is when things really take a turn. Have you ever had your hands completely coated in fish egg brine? It's disgusting. At the very end, a little but of class warfare ensues which threatens the entire Dynamitegun Dot Com Dot Cast universe (not really). 


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Oh, FOLKS. This week I chat in the first ever live podcast of all time. Come along with Budiak and Logical Gambit us as we blaze trails and make fools of ourselves discussing things of which we have ZERO knowledge. 

Listen in on the audio reproduction of a live video cast. Be warned, there are some elements which may not translate. What's the difference? Don't you have an imagination?

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This week, Budiak goes solo with a quick yes (forcibly) substantive cast. Talkin' bout Jihad, talkin bout prissy cocktails, and talkin bout Costco (again!). 

Then, we talk about some of the things from the past that he probably should have kept around (That's the misfit toys part).


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This week, Mook joins me virtually in studio for the most positive show to date. How about we try something like taking some mail for a change? That happens every now and again. How about talking about online dating? Because NOBODY does that. After feeling sorry for ourselves, we reenergize with some very healthy snacks. 



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This week, Phylah returns for a lengthy converstaion about alcohol (strange, right?), lots of talk about music and life experience, and then some delicious smoky reviews. We finish the show up with some questions from Ffej and maybe we finally hone in on the PERFECT closer.


What do you care?



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This week, Budiak is painfully cold and alone in the frigid fog-rolled confines of the palatial estate. He talks about the perils of beginning a Warhammer 40k hobby and how useless real world experience actually is. Then he takes an extremely important question from a friend of the show. Finally, he reviews another canned fish item. Is he becoming a hack? A parody of himself?! Maybe??!?

budiak@dynamitegun.com with any questions about how I will fight gargantuan animals, or a multitude of tiny ones (that used to be big). You know. The issues.

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Live to tape from KublaCon! From the Presidential Suite at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. This episode we talk about what it means to be a gamer, some of our best and worst moments in gaming, beer, and we overmodulate a LOT. Then, a veritable bounty of reviews. With special guests RPM, LogicalGambit, Mook, KC, and Phylah. And holy crap, its three hours long!

Also, NO editing. Dynamitegun is REAL LIFE. BOOYA!

Also, caution, there is one bad word in here. I didn't use it...but it's there.

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