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This week, I interview the author of the new Survival Horror book The Void Codex. We cover a wide range of issues, including how NOT to write/publish/edit a book, opinions on cashiers talking to you at the store, feeling sorry for veterans, the longest and funniest books we ever read, and as always, I forget a bunch of peoples' names. 


Go check out The Void Codex on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/voidcodex

and on Amazon at http://amzn.com/B00O17Y50E


Please excuse the poor quality. It seems that for some reason Skype likes to turn your microphone all the way up! Will SOMEONE please tell me why anybody at Skype thought that would be a good idea, for ANY reason? ONE REASON. Please. But, it only ruins about 50% of the show.



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My smoke detector won't stop chirping. 

 I'm pretty sure someone murdered his mother with a sword because of last week's show. 


I try to drown it out with my soundboard but it won't work. 


My show next week may be cancelled because I've burned my house down. On purpose.


Out of spite.




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This week, I talk about Destiny and DLC, read some emails about cats, tools, and ESCROW, and then launch into another spirited Judge Budiak's Cruel and Unusual Punishments! 

Then I talk about outrageous side effects of prescription drugs. Wanna quit smoking? Well, hope you're willing to put up with shortness of breath!


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This week, I talk about how absurd the very notion of buying a house is, dealing with the cable guy, doing it yourself, and my new soundboard.

I also introduce a new bit, "Judge Budiak's Cruel and Unusual Punishments!"

YES! I'm getting ALL legal up in here!


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This week I am caught woefully unprepared for a show because I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bifecta of suck.

I couldn't maintain my composure for that long, so I just give to you something like 7.5 minutes of pain time. 


If you have a problem with it, send me an email at budiak@dynamitegun.com. Or if you have an idea for what I should call my house, send that there as well. 

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This week, I crawl, haphazarly and with great echo (and overmodulation), to the (built-in) microphone to give you the latest tale of woe, financial deciet, and villainy. I am, of course, talking about the house buying process. 

Is it really that bad? Just listen in while I administer a mini-quiz of home-buying terms to you, the listener, one of twelve brave souls who grant audience to this foolishness. 

In case you are wondering, I was incredibly uncomfortable while doing this show because I could not hear myself. I have gotten quite used to hearing myself during the show so I can moderate my voice but...I explain it in the show. 

I also may or may not apologize for playing WAY too much civ. It's really pretty pathetic. Shall I just give up me show and play Civ forever? Maybe...maybe.





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This week I talk to the legendary superfan of Dynamitegun BigHands84. Turns out the man has also had an interesting experience on a DIY home improvement show on TV. I talk to BigHands about his experience with the crew, host, and how the magic of television turned his drab backyard into a rapidly decaying paradise. 






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This week I take a call from my good friend LG just to take a break from my workload. We talk about vocabulary words I may or may not know, bad giftage, and what exactly has me so slammed lately. Then LG gives me a quick primer on the new & days to die update.


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This week, Budiak is too busy to even do laundry, much less record a podcast.  Dash steps in to host a discussion with Aquanine about a game we haven't talked about in a long time, 7 Days to Die.  It's been 2 major versions since we last played, so a lot of new features have released to draw us back in.  We talk about the wellness system, gated crafting, leveled looting and crafting, and feral zombies among other details that have really started to give shape to this early access game.


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So, it's come to this. The first clip show. 

So sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes a guest leaves you high and dry. Sometimes you are just too busy to get some material together. Well, if it's good enough for the Simpsons, Family Guy, Married: With Children, Seinfeld, et al., then it's good enough for me. 


Included here are four clips from the good ol' days. First up is me and Dash chowing down on some cat food. Marvel as we wretch and hem and haw and go back for more like a couple of freaking idiots.  

Then listen to a nice clip from the Vomicast- Me, Phylah, Aqua, and Dash sucking eggs. LITERALLY LOL! We eat preserved duck eggs. They are FAR worse than you remember.

Next is the ol' gem where Phylah and I try bacon flavored candy necklaces and finish up the meal by brushing our teeth with bacon flavored toothpaste. WTF is that all about?

I close the show by going back to mid 2014. A simpler time. A more innocent time, where I had never come across things like canned bacon. Well, enjoy the bacon-ness with me and Logical Gambit.

Come on back next week. I promise NOTHING!

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