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OH, folks! Join me with the venerable RPM this week as we discussed so many things that to attempt to list them all here would be an insult to the craft! Wine, beer, the apocalypse, oral surgery, and preparation is all fair game here. Are you prepared for almost five hours of Dynamitegun? 


Please keep in mind there were significant technical difficulties in the production of this cast. At roughly 2:13:30 the call drops. In the original file, it results in about a 22.5 second delay which destroyed the sync. I have updated the file. If you have downloaded the show and need to re-download and are having an issue with redownloading in your iOS podcast app, you may have to delete the cast and resubscribe in order to re-download the file. Pain in the neck, I know...but I had to do it! SO CAN YOU.

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