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This week, Budiak goes in depth into his nightmare sailing trip in the Florida keys. He also talks a bit about bulk thieves, a new beer, and finally gets an email!

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This week, Budiak updates the listening audience member and lets him know that he survived the trip. He talks about not turning stuff off ever, broken electronics, and takes some pills in the middle of the show. Blessedly short, but still kicking!

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Budiak talks about not knowing jack about the ocean, discount marital aids on Groupon, and  more people of Costco. Also, dumb Pinterest "recipes" and a trifecta of fishy reviews. All this and little more on the Dynamitegun Dot Com Dot Cast!

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This week, Budiak waxes on about not being a fan, songs that are better than the story they tell, Hell's Kitchen, and useful skills after the fall of society. And as always, lots of pep!

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