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This week's guest is Dominic Graziano, project lead for Playstation Network's brand new social networking space, Playstation Communities. 

As you may remember, if you are a superfan (there are currently three), Dom was on the show last year as Maul0r, where he spoke to my sit-in host Dash while I was on sabbatical. Well, the chickens have come home to roost and Communities rolled out two weeks ago.

I talk to Dom about Japanese culture, visiting Japan, being the creepy white guy in the Asian grocery store, rice wine in particular, Pocky, Playstation Communities, and about Lan/gaming culture in general. 

Also, for the sake of transparency, Maul0r lets a few S-bombs go. I think three. Yeah. I count stuff like that, but I won't edit it out. REAL LIFE 4 LYFE!

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