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This week, I decide to wait it out in the bunker after the results of our presidential election. I talk about the bedlam in the streets, capitalize on a man's vicious beating, and sample some canine holiday chow. 

Don't you hate the word chow? I hate it. Just hearing it makes me think of dog food. 

Then, I smack my lips and make all kinds of disgusting guttural noises while I close the show. Why? I just ate like three big spoonfuls of dog food. It sticks around in your mouth. It really, really does. 

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OH folks. This week I bring you into the dank, dark underbelly that is my personal fallout shelter. I've decided to hunker down here until the inevitable social unrest following the presidential election is sure to bring. Also, a review of a startling new development in the pumpkin spice world!

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