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Oh, folks. 


Spoiler alerts abound (mainly Star Wars based). 

This week I spend the New Year in Korea talking about how New Year's Eve sucks, Korean shopping malls, and how the Army has made me the saltiest 36 year old on earth. Such fun!

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This week I say hi to my mom! Hi mom! Now I have THREE listeners!


I also read some special stuff, and talk about some other stuff! 


Bye, mom!

Hi, Toast!



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This week, I return from my unearned furlough with special guest Ffej, and we talk about Black Friday, the hoax of Cyber Monday, and then (for some reason) talk about Reddit for about an hour. Join us as we wax idiotic about Secret Santa recipients and the seedy underbelly of the Front Page of the Internet. Yes! Watching people die, laughing about suicide? Burritos as a cogent analog for the common phallus? Being "over it"? All this can be yours in this exciting episode of the DGDCDC! 


Email me. Please. Budiak@dynamitegun.com

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Sorry for the delay. This episode I tackle the various incarnations of William Shatner's Rocket Man, bad game journalists, aging, cordyceps zombies, general mushroom biology for some reason, the inherent comedy of the North Korea showdown, and The Orville.

Check out Dean Takahashi's fateful play through of Cuphead on Youtube with the following link. It'll be important halfway through the show!



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A big welcome back to me! Right?! This week I talk about coming home to a dirty house, leaving a salad in the fridge for three months, eating too much pork, drinking Unicum for the first time, how the Soldiers at the Nuremberg rally didn't want to be there, sucking at Battlefield 1, North Korea, South Korea, Korea, military exercises, Nootropics, wasting money by not watching the undercard, and I give you the real reason why McGregor got shafted in the big fight. 

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Cheap game reviews at fanboyplanet.com

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 Oh, folks. This time I whip around post-op unit Eastern Europe's hairpin turns, all the while regaling you all with harrowing tales of wayward GPS, gravel roads, near-sighted experiences, and foot-smellin' cheese. Yes!

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This time I speak to you from behind the wheel of my fabulous rental car as I zip along a spirited mountain road in Eastern Europe. Terror! Thrills! Dangerous driving! Small T-shirts! Pork! Terrifying motorists! All this can be yours!

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This week I drink rye whiskey, go on and on about Eastern Europe, buying new jeans, skinny jeans, slim fit jeans, and other horrific fashions, Tiger Woods' Pain, his prospective reading list for his work trip, missing his kitty cat, and some other crap.  


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This week. Budiak rails on military health surveys, gives a nasty review of Hell or High Water, Veterans in general, Shark tank, and of course, lots of reminiscing or some crap.


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This week Budiak has retreated to the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest to escape the tumult and rancor of city life. Talking about the Klitschko/Joshua fight, losing at Battlefront, answering an email, and pulling a hamstring.


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This week, ol' wine brain embarks on a long screed about this week's refeed, proats, food that doesn't taste like food, and other food things.

Budiak then goes on and on about Battlefront, and how the Bounty Hunters are way better now than they were in the actual movie. 

Then, a semi-cogent review-isa segment about the movie The Founder

Oh, yeah, and we get a letter from Dash! Ain't that just about the best thing that has ever happened to any of us?

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Oh folks! This week I take on the MAN who just fizzled a nuclear missile, talk about how horrendously impatient and lonely I am, and attempt to offer some business advice to a young pastry peddler.


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This week I wax athletic about my latest race, talk about the glories of Whole Foods, and rail endlessly about The Walking Dead. Spoiler alert?



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Oh folks. It's about time to leave the U.S.S. Hole. Join Budiak as he rants about trail running, home surgery, spontaneous know-it-alls, the homogeny of food blogs, and the terrors of the deep. 


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WARNING: disgusting mouth sounds ahead! I have a sore on the bottom of my mouth that has been driving me insane. I keep messing with it with my tongue and you can hear it in the show. I didn't realize that it was so audible. Please give the show a listen...and I assure you that it is far more annoying to me than it is to you.


Either way, this week I talk about my new digs, lunar gentrification, Mythbusters: The Search, and running a half marathon. I then review a new kitty food, that may just be a winner!


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This week I reveal the new work being done on the bunker, talk about Hacking the Wild, The Walking Dead, why the military is misrepresented in dystopian fiction, and I review some excellent new cat treats!



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This week I talk about not remembering that it's Super Bowl Sunday, shopping during holidays (and assumed holidays), play a fraudulently titled Youtube Video, issue a mea culpa for not knowing someone's ethnicity, and talk about how much I freaking hate monkeys. 

Oh, and here's the address for the youtube video I played of the inappropriately described "worst cover ever" of Bon Jovi's Livin' On a Prayer.



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Oh.  Hi there folks.  It's been a while.

This week, Dash breaks into the podcast feed with an unsanctioned episode.  Lights out!  Guerrilla Radio!

Topics include: 

A minecraft mod called Blightfall: http://technicpack.net/modpack/blightfall.592618

A podcast called Life/After: http://lif-e.af/ter

Another podcast called The Message: http://themessagepodcast.com

Instagram @dynamitegun
Twitter @dynamitegun

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Oh, folks. 

This one is a mixed bag. You can probably skip it. This is what you get when your host is severely sleep deprived and doesn't know what to talk about.

Topics? Oh. Ok. Our grandparents not measuring things. Eggshells full of water. Stolen wine. Trouble finding new games. Getting stung by a bee. Punching down. And lots and lots of dead air.


Send me an email...or not...Budiak@dynamitegun,com


Oh- the link for the worst over of all time:


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I wax nostalgic at my time as a servant to my academic masters, tell you about my "Hey Nineteen" fantasy, talk about bad habits and the formation of some such, and some other highly amusing crap. 

Oh, and Darts video conspiracies!


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What, please? You want me on my knees? YOU WONT GET IT!

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Tonight's show is short. Technically at work, I can't really bring in the New Year properly. From my blown out, flaming, yet still damp and spooky missile silo, I kick this one on down the road for an entire year.

Check back tomorrow!


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