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So, this week on the DGDCDC I have my good friend LG to discuss cheap games, expensive games, and we do some more movie descriptions. There are several technical difficulties but hey, I'll just chalk that up to real life. 

A note on how I am trying to keep the show to 90 minutes. Yes, I am trying to make the show a bit shorter. Hell, not everybody can listen to 3 hours of us rambling about video game nostalgia for 3 hours. However, I do believe that part of the experience should be organic- keeping it strictly to 90 minutes, or chopping it up? Ha! Therefore I present to you this week's show in its entirety. 


BigHands- I realize that I did not read your letter on the air, but I will address it next week on the somber show (I already know its going to be a downer.) 


I'd like to thank you all for being patient with me, even though I've been doing the cast for over a year and the site for like, 7. 




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