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Episode 66 of the Dynamitegun Dot Com Dot Cast is up! 

This week I speak to my good buddy Logical Gambit about the recent announcement of Fallout 4 at E3. 


I have to apologize right up front for my behavior during this show. First off, my decision to drink bottle after bottle of sparkling wine might not have been the best idea. Next, I'm not 100% satisfied with the audio quality of Mumble.


No, wait, YOU should apologize to ME for casting judgements! And you haven't even listened to it!



02:54 Show Start

07:07 Bonding over Fallout!

16:05 Upset over Fallout 3

28:30 Atomic Punk

38:02 Coffee Temperature?

58:42 Crafting!

1:15:30 Time to Complete Quiz

1:23:30 At LEAST 12 Dollars an Hour.

1:25:10 Baseball Bats with Razor Blades!

1:37:10 TARDIS Random Encounter

1:46:05 New Vegas is DLC?

1:55:30 Crash and Burn Time!

2:08:36 Mercy Killing

2:11:10 Forceable Sign Off


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