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This week, I crawl, haphazarly and with great echo (and overmodulation), to the (built-in) microphone to give you the latest tale of woe, financial deciet, and villainy. I am, of course, talking about the house buying process. 

Is it really that bad? Just listen in while I administer a mini-quiz of home-buying terms to you, the listener, one of twelve brave souls who grant audience to this foolishness. 

In case you are wondering, I was incredibly uncomfortable while doing this show because I could not hear myself. I have gotten quite used to hearing myself during the show so I can moderate my voice but...I explain it in the show. 

I also may or may not apologize for playing WAY too much civ. It's really pretty pathetic. Shall I just give up me show and play Civ forever? Maybe...maybe.





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