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This week I reveal the new work being done on the bunker, talk about Hacking the Wild, The Walking Dead, why the military is misrepresented in dystopian fiction, and I review some excellent new cat treats!



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This week I talk about not remembering that it's Super Bowl Sunday, shopping during holidays (and assumed holidays), play a fraudulently titled Youtube Video, issue a mea culpa for not knowing someone's ethnicity, and talk about how much I freaking hate monkeys. 

Oh, and here's the address for the youtube video I played of the inappropriately described "worst cover ever" of Bon Jovi's Livin' On a Prayer.



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Oh.  Hi there folks.  It's been a while.

This week, Dash breaks into the podcast feed with an unsanctioned episode.  Lights out!  Guerrilla Radio!

Topics include: 

A minecraft mod called Blightfall: http://technicpack.net/modpack/blightfall.592618

A podcast called Life/After: http://lif-e.af/ter

Another podcast called The Message: http://themessagepodcast.com

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Oh, folks. 

This one is a mixed bag. You can probably skip it. This is what you get when your host is severely sleep deprived and doesn't know what to talk about.

Topics? Oh. Ok. Our grandparents not measuring things. Eggshells full of water. Stolen wine. Trouble finding new games. Getting stung by a bee. Punching down. And lots and lots of dead air.


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Oh- the link for the worst over of all time:


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I wax nostalgic at my time as a servant to my academic masters, tell you about my "Hey Nineteen" fantasy, talk about bad habits and the formation of some such, and some other highly amusing crap. 

Oh, and Darts video conspiracies!


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What, please? You want me on my knees? YOU WONT GET IT!

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Tonight's show is short. Technically at work, I can't really bring in the New Year properly. From my blown out, flaming, yet still damp and spooky missile silo, I kick this one on down the road for an entire year.

Check back tomorrow!


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This week, I decide to wait it out in the bunker after the results of our presidential election. I talk about the bedlam in the streets, capitalize on a man's vicious beating, and sample some canine holiday chow. 

Don't you hate the word chow? I hate it. Just hearing it makes me think of dog food. 

Then, I smack my lips and make all kinds of disgusting guttural noises while I close the show. Why? I just ate like three big spoonfuls of dog food. It sticks around in your mouth. It really, really does. 

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And...elsewhere, I'm sure.

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OH folks. This week I bring you into the dank, dark underbelly that is my personal fallout shelter. I've decided to hunker down here until the inevitable social unrest following the presidential election is sure to bring. Also, a review of a startling new development in the pumpkin spice world!

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This week I give you my live, first impressions of Civilization 6 for Mac. See, it's special because I'm talking about the Mac version, and not the PC version that came out like four days ago. So it's still fresh. Sort of. Follow along, if you dare, with one of the most bewilderingly slow 45 minutes in Podcast history (except for all the other shows out there).

What podcast has the ironclad cojones to put up an admittedly terribly boring show? The DYNAMITEGUN DOT COM DOT CAST, THATS WHICH ONE.

Trigger warning: game commentary in an audio format. 

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Budiak gets white girl wasted this week unnecessarily and rants on about why he hasn't posted a show in five weeks, Nuka World, Blue Apron, cooking shows, and banana water. Yep. Banana water.


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