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Live to tape from KublaCon! From the Presidential Suite at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. This episode we talk about what it means to be a gamer, some of our best and worst moments in gaming, beer, and we overmodulate a LOT. Then, a veritable bounty of reviews. With special guests RPM, LogicalGambit, Mook, KC, and Phylah. And holy crap, its three hours long!

Also, NO editing. Dynamitegun is REAL LIFE. BOOYA!

Also, caution, there is one bad word in here. I didn't use it...but it's there.

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This week Budiak talks about foodies, cider, board gamers, crying nerd in a crowded theater, and Big Food Truck! He also eats some canned fish and stumbles a bit! LOL!! 

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This week, Budiak talks about how great the internet USED to be. He also talks about the relativity of fame, blogger tweens, and gelatinous cubes. Ever heard a guy try to pry a wine cork out of a bottle with a pair of pliers? Wow, what a hum dinger! That's REAL LIFE, now on the Dot Com Dot Cast!

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Just an update! Budiak talks too much about running, reviews liquified beets, and airs a gripe about presumptive corn shuckers. Oh, and he starts a new show numbering convention that you won't immediately notice!

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