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Oh, folks. This week, I botch the opening, admit how terrible I am at this, and talk on and on about turning 37. I make uneducated statements about whisky and finally count up how many square feet of Islay I own, talk about being poor and breaking a tooth (on a cheap taco), and how spending a lot of time running is a total waste.

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That's it. Social media is for suckers.

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Oh folks. As your dwindling numbers shock and appall, I carry on with my guest Aquanine making a comeback. We talk on and on about Kubla Con, board games, and things we've never done.


Enjoy. Or don't. I really don't care.

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Oh, folks!

This episode, a Budiak well into his cups speaks to a stone cold sober LG about an upcoming Shadowrun outing, Soju, embarrassing brick walls, names for depressing broadcasting locations, and enticing one-in-a-lifetime offers to visit war-torn Eastern paradises. 

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This week, I talk about mail carriers hoarding mail and the dirty secrets of every industry (like searching through pictures at a photomat looking for naked pictures of your customers).



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Oh folks. 


This week I talk for an abnormally long time about the big doin's in Peepland, answer some questions from LG, and then get serious for about 30 seconds.



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Oh folks.


Tonight I knock the rust off and talk about mandatory fun, how douchey the Walking Dead is, dozing of to a Nazi documentary, being a low-energy, almost middle-aged person, and some other crap.



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Oh folks.

Get ready for a low-energy show. After drinking too much last night, I talk about being an alcoholic by the Army's standards, buying a car, being too old to drink Yeager Bombs, 20 year olds drinking gimlets, and how bad Altered Carbon is.

Then I read a letter from Toast and talk about the Wonderbag, before talking about the piece of crap car I just bought. 


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Oh, folks.


This week, I get drunk really quickly, continue on and on about Islay Scotch, dividing opinions (on dirt-tasting scotch), working too much, spicy food, and slipping on ice like a dummy and taking it like a chance. 

Does anybody actually read this?


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Oh folks. 


Here I am, sitting in South Korea, going on and on about raw water, being pre-addicted to virtual reality, eating multiple pounds of street-procured soft shell crab, and sous vide cooking. 

Cheap game requests? Comments? Concerns? budiak@dynamitegun.com


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And I'm sure I'll update dynamitegun.com at some point. Who knows what the future holds?

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