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This week, Mook joins me virtually in studio for the most positive show to date. How about we try something like taking some mail for a change? That happens every now and again. How about talking about online dating? Because NOBODY does that. After feeling sorry for ourselves, we reenergize with some very healthy snacks. 



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This week Dash joins me to talk about pre-orders and finished products alike, great RTS games, pointy-clicky types, and of course, lots of 7 Days to Die nonsense. 

Also, the first Dynamite Life Hacks! Time to BETTER YOUR CRAPPY LIFE! Then some reviews of life giving, yet functionally illiterate, oxygen. 


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This week, we dial it back a bit. After some minor retractions from last week's show, Budiak shares a recipe with the audience, waxes geriatric about podcast and Instragram groupies, and tried to set the record straight on the real meaning of dedication to craft. Then, reviews of some true survival food. 


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This week, Phylah returns for a lengthy converstaion about alcohol (strange, right?), lots of talk about music and life experience, and then some delicious smoky reviews. We finish the show up with some questions from Ffej and maybe we finally hone in on the PERFECT closer.


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